Sunday, July 19, 2015

Reflection: Mark 6:30-34

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Mark 6:30-34

Today the disciples return from their mission of preaching the good news and they report to Jesus all that they had done. Jesus then invites them to “come away and rest for a while.” He realized that even though they were exhilarated by all they had accomplished on their journeys, they also were extremely weary from their traveling and from the demands of the people.

However, the quiet and rest they had hoped for was not to be. When the people realized that Jesus and his disciples were leaving in a boat, they followed them. A fairly large crowd of people actually got to their destination before Jesus and the disciples arrived. Was Jesus disappointed or upset when he saw so many people on the shore? I would imagine that he had been looking forward to some “down time” with his friends and companions.

However, Mark writes: “When he saw the number of people who were waiting for him, his heart was moved with pity for them.” Jesus knew that the people’s need was great. They were hungry for his Word and for his love! Mark writes: Jesus began to teach them many things.”

How hungry are you for Jesus’ presence and his word? Are we willing to pursue him until we “find” him? What is it we hope Jesus will teach us? Do we yearn for Jesus to heal us? Today Jesus looks at us and “his heart is moved with pity.” He will come to us and “teach us many things.” The question may be: will I be waiting for him? Will I listen to him?

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