Friday, July 24, 2015

Reflection: Matthew 13:18-23

16th Wednesday in Ordinary Time – Matthew 13:18-23

Today we hear the familiar parable of “the sower and the seed.” Jesus tells his disciples that the “seed sown on the path” is anyone who hears the Word of the Kingdom. However, if they do not understand this “Word,” the “Evil One” comes and steals the seed from the person’s heart!

Jesus then speaks about the “seed sown in rocky ground.” This is a person who joyfully takes “the word to heart.” However, after some time has passed, the person may have forgotten the word or grown weary. Perhaps, the seed was not rooted well and thus, it begins to wilt. Thus, when trials or difficulties come because of the “word,” the person typically reverts to his/her former life.

Jesus then uses the analogy of thorns (riches). This individual hears the word. However, when anxiety or the lure of riches disturb him/her, the desire for the seed is choked to death by these “thorns.” Thus, the seed is unable to bear any fruit.

Then Jesus speaks of the “seed sown in good soil.” This seed is the individual who not only “hears the word” but this is a person who also understands the “word.” These individuals open their hearts to the seed and allow the seed to grow within them. These individuals will bear much fruit!

Now ask yourself: which “seed” experience do you identify with? Take a few moments and thoughtfully examine your life.

What did you learn about yourself? Perhaps you realized that you have a triple personality, that you have all three people inside of you! I assume that we react in all three ways at various times and in different situations. Do we want to strengthen our dedication to “hear the word” and also to “understand the word?” If so, what will help you in this endeavor: more prayer time, meeting with a spiritual director, or consciously connecting with God or Jesus throughout our day?

Today I invite you to nurture the “seed” that is within you. As this seed opens within, allow the roots to delve deep into your heart! You will bear abundant, wholesome and tasty fruit! God’s grace is with you!

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