Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sister Geraldine Hedinger died peacefully at 4:25 a.m. February 2, 2010

Sister Geraldine will be, and already is, missed by all. She died peacefully Tuesday in the early morning on the feast of the Presentation. The readings for that day at Mass were so appropriate for Sister Geraldine. "Now Lord, you may dismiss your servant in peace..." It was as if the readings had been planned for her death. Even the music we used that day spoke so much to us of her life and death and passing to new life! It was touching and so beautiful how everything fit together with what we were experiencing that day.

To learn more about Sister Geraldine go to the bottom right hand corner of our home page: and click on her Memoriam. Sister Geraldine touched the lives of so many people. We, her religious community of sisters, miss her deeply. I know she is missed by all those who knew her. She was loved by all.

Sister Geraldine, pray to God for all of us. May you have eternal rest.


  1. Thank you for that beautiful message. Sister Geraldine was my aunt (my dad's sister) and she was very much loved. She was always doing for others and always with a smile and a hug. She will be deeply missed by her family.

  2. I just heard about Sr. Geraldine's passing. She taught me at Mater Dei High School. What a wonderful person she was! May God rest her soul.

    Alan Inkenbrandt