Saturday, February 13, 2010

"She's our coach!"

When I give vocation talks or when I tell people that I'm a sister, I am frequently asked if there are certain jobs that I have to do because I'm a sister. I always tell them that we have sisters in lots of different areas. Yes, we fill some traditional roles (teaching and nursing) but we also do a lot of other interesting things. And I always like to tell people about my second job!

In addition to teaching high school math, I coach my school's freshman soccer team. When I was offered the job of coaching soccer, I jumped at the chance. I had always worried that I would never have an opportunity to coach, since I work at an all-boys school where all the entire coaching staff (in all sports) is male. But I had played soccer through both high school and college and I have a passion for the sport that is evident anytime I watch a game. So, the head coach offered me a job working with the young players and I love it.

Coaching is an awesome experience for me. I get to play soccer every week, teach skills and tricks to my players, and best of all help cheer for their wins and console them in their losses. I have never had a better job in my life.

My favorite soccer moment from last season was at our first away game. It was just a freshman game, so there were no other coaches going along. I was a little worried that my players would be resentful that they had been stuck with a woman as a coach, but they proved me wrong immediately. As we approached the gate, the ticketman began allowing the players through, but he stopped me saying, "Parents have to pay $5.00 for the game." Before I had a chance to say a word, one of my players turned around and announced to all who could hear, "She's not our mom, she's our coach. Come on, Sister." And that was it. I am their coach and they'll stick up for me.

We had a great season, winning more games than we lost but mostly having fun and learning skills for next year. As we are beginning spring weight lifting, I look forward to another great year to come!

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