Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All the Jobs Are Covered

I'm getting ready for the spring program. It's called Go Fish and will star all the kids in pre-k to 2nd grade. It's about a shark who wants to be friends with all the other sea creatures. Of course, everyone is afraid of the shark and no one wants to be his friend. There are some unusual creatures, for example a 7-legged octopus, a star fish without a leading role, and a tuna fish that can't keep a tune. In the end, they discover that all their differences make them special. They learn to appreciate themselves and each other. A lesson that is good to learn early and hopefully will remain with them through the years.

I don't assign the speaking parts. I let the homeroom teachers do that since they know what their students are capable of. One little boy told me that he didn't want a speaking part. He wanted to be the prop manager. He must have heard that somewhere. I think that's great. We have lots of props and costumes to get ready for over 100 students. I hope he's ready for the challenge.

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