Friday, December 2, 2016

Reflection: Matthew 9:27-31

Friday of the First Week of Advent - Matthew 9:27-31

The principal characters in this Gospel are Jesus and two blind men. As Jesus was walking along, these two blind men began to follow him. They must have heard of the wonders and healings that Jesus had done. As the men followed Him, they continually cried out, begging Jesus to have pity on them. Eventually Jesus stopped and asked them if they truly believed that He had the power to heal them. They simply answered: “Yes, Lord.” In response, Jesus reached out, touched their eyes and said: “May this be done according to your faith.” Instantly their sight was restored; they could see clearly.

What is the healing that we wish to ask of Jesus? Do we cry out to Him? Do we follow Him? Do we truly believe that Jesus has the power (and desire) to heal us? Do we trust that Jesus will answer our prayer? Have you ever cried out to Jesus but He didn’t seem to hear you? If/when this happens, what is our response? Do we turn and walk away from Jesus? Or do we continue to cry out, trust, and follow Him?

Jesus does hear us and does respond to us! However, it may not be a direct answer to our prayers. At these times we need to attend closely to what Jesus may be saying or what He may be doing in our lives. His action may be very subtle—not an outright miracle!

Jesus may be working through other people or insights or gifting us with the strength that we need. Jesus does “hear” us and “touches” us! We need to be alert and attentive to how Jesus comes to us—for He will come! May we have the faith to place our trust and hope in Him!

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