Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Reflection: Luke 7:18b-23

Wednesday of the Third Week of Advent - Luke 7:18b-23

Today John sends two of his disciples to go to Jesus and ask him: “Are you the One who is to come?  Or should we look for another?”  When the men found Jesus they told him that John had sent them.  They added that John wanted some information from Jesus.  They asked him: “Are you the One who is to come?  Or should we look for another?”  

Jesus had healed many people of diseases, sufferings and evil spirits.  He also had been proclaiming the Good News throughout Judea.  Thus, Jesus told the men: “Go and tell John what you have seen and heard!   Lepers have been cleansed; the blind see; the lame walk; the deaf hear, and the poor have good news proclaimed to them.”  Jesus then adds: “And blessed is the one who takes no offense at me.”

If Jesus was walking and healing on this planet today, I wonder if we would be astounded by his deeds?  Or would we wonder if he was a charlatan?  The reality is that Jesus is walking on this planet today.  He is in our midst!  Perhaps we may not see Him with our physical eyes.  Yet he does walk among us and with us. Jesus never leaves our side.  He is continually teaching us and healing us.  He is our constant companion though we may not always be aware of his presence.
We may not receive the “healing” or “teaching” we yearn for.  However, this does not mean that Jesus is not with us.  Jesus may be “healing” us in ways that we do not understand nor comprehend.  

Jesus will never leave us!  He is always beside us, leading us, guiding us, and gracing us.  Today be attentive!  This attentiveness may open your mind and your heart.  Thus we may be more open and recognize little signs that Jesus truly is with us.  Be alert and attentive.  Don’t miss Jesus today!

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