Friday, December 23, 2016

Reflection: Luke 1:57-66

Friday of the Fourth Week of Advent - Luke 1:57-66

Elizabeth is the principal character in today’s Gospel reading, which is the account of the birth of John the Baptist. As we know, Elizabeth conceived John at an advanced age. For many years Elizabeth and Zechariah had longed to have a child. However, it was not to be. Then, after giving up hope of having a child, Elizabeth becomes pregnant and she has the child that she and Zechariah had longed for years!

Elizabeth and Zechariah knew that God finally had heard their prayers. Imagine the emotions they must have experienced: joy, wonder, gratitude. What a wondrous and unexpected gift!

Can you indentify with Elizabeth and Zechariah? Have you been praying for a special intention for a long period of time and not received any answer? Elizabeth and Zechariah can give us hope that God does listen to our desires and needs and that God will answer us and bless us. The timing is not ours to know nor is it our part to understand how all this will happen. Our part is to pray and to trust!

God will answer us. Do we trust that? However, it may not be the specific answer we expect, but God will gift us and grace us. We simply need to have an open mind, and a listening heart. Keep your eyes and heart open: God may come to you today in ways that you do not expect!


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