Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Reflection: Luke 1:26-38

Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Advent – Luke 1:26-38

We all know the story of the angel’s appearance to Mary, the message that was proclaimed to Mary, as well as Mary’s response.  It is clear by her immediate response to the angel that Mary was a woman of deep faith and trust.  Yet, being human, she also had to be puzzled, shocked, and uncertain about what the angel’s announcement would mean for her.  

What a model Mary is for us!  Mary truly was an amazing and holy woman.  Yet she was very human.  Luke writes: “Mary was greatly troubled by the angel’s message.”  What were the thoughts and emotions that raced through Mary’s mind and heart when she heard the angel’s words?  Did she think she was going crazy?  The whole situation was unbelievable.   

However, Mary was deeply rooted in God.  Even though she was confused and most likely unnerved, Mary was open and receptive to God and to God’s call.  Mary must have wondered what this would mean for her and her life, as well as for her betrothal to Joseph.  How would this unfold?  What was she to tell her parents?  Yet Mary simply had complete faith and trust in God.  She freely and willingly assented to God’s plan for her!  

Most likely, we will not have an angel appearing to us asking us to bear God’s child.  However, even if an angel does not come to us, we also are called to be “Christ Bearers.”  How will we respond to God’s call?  Will we trust the God who is calling us?  Will we believe that God will walk this road with us?  When we are fearful, we can turn to Mary.  She will journey with us.  And she will remind us that our God is a God who is completely trustworthy.  Today and every day, may we ask Mary to journey with us!

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