Sunday, December 25, 2016

Reflection: Matthew 1:1-25

The Nativity of the Lord - Matthew 1:1-25

Today’s Gospel begins with the solemn words: “A family record of the Jesus Christ, son of David, son of Abraham.”  Then the entire genealogy of Jesus is given beginning with Abraham. 

It is only after naming all the male ancestors that Matthew narrates how the birth of Jesus came about.  I suspect that we all know this story so well it is likely that on Christmas Day we may not even listen to the Gospel reading.  Today rather than writing a commentary,  I invite you to open your Bible and slowly read this passage.  It might be helpful to read the Gospel twice and then take some time to reflect on this passage.  When you do this, attend to what you notice, what part of the passage draws you.  Then take a few moments to reflect on those words. When you do this trust that Jesus is calling you!  Perhaps there is a message for you in those words.  

If you do this you may receive a wonderful Christmas gift from Jesus!  Take care to open to His gift and then share it with your loved ones and our world!  Have a blessed and joyous Christmas!

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