Friday, October 28, 2016

Reflection: Luke 6:12-16

St. Simon and Jude Feast - Luke 6:12-16

The Gospel today began with Jesus going up the mountain to pray. St. Luke wrote that Jesus spent the whole night in prayer and meditation.  However, when daylight came Jesus called his disciples together. He then chose twelve of them to be his Apostles. Jesus must have known them well. And these men must have known Jesus fairly well. I doubt that it was easy for them to leave their families. Yet they followed their hearts and left their homes and their families to follow Jesus wherever he went! What trust! What generosity!

Today Jesus is calling us to “follow him.” What is our response to his invitation? Will we respond to his invitation as his disciples did? Or will we make excuses that the “time is not right?” May we have the grace to follow Jesus today! He will lead us!

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