Thursday, October 20, 2016

Reflection: Luke 12:49-53

Thursday of the 29th Week in Ordinary Time - Luke 12:49-53

Today’s Gospel is not an easy one to read. Jesus speaks of “setting the earth on fire” and he wants it to be hot and blazing. He also speaks of the anguish and pain and that he anticipates his “baptism” which lies ahead of him.

Jesus speaks of families that will be divided: father against son, mother against daughter, neighbors who are at odds with each other. Too often we experience these divisions in our own families, our local communities, our church, and our world.  Will we ever be one united human community?

For a moment, imagine how our world would be different if all of us on the face of this earth were united? No more war, no more hatred, no more violence. In the face of the rampant violence, hatred, fear, and war, it is very tempting to give up on our world. Yet without hope we are lost! Without hope we despair!

Today may we be beacons of hope and faith to our families, neighborhoods, country, and the world. If we join together in this effort, we might be astounded at the impact it has on our family, neighborhood, and even our world!

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