Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Reflection: Luke 12:39-48

Wednesday of the 29th Week in Ordinary Time - Luke 12:39-48

Today Jesus continues his instruction of his disciples. He reminds me of a Boy Scout leader who is preparing his scouts for a hike or camp out. Jesus’ instruction is very simple: he tells his disciples that they need to “be prepared.” However, the event they need to be prepared for is the hour when the “Son of Man” will come. Jesus tells them that He will come at a time when they do not expect him. Thus, they need to be alert and attentive. They need to have open minds and open hearts.

Jesus also is telling us to be prepared today! We don’t know how or when Jesus will come, but He will come to us this day. Will having this assurance make a difference in how you go about your day? Will we be looking for Jesus in every person or every situation today? Or will we just go about our business as usual?

Jesus comes to us every day, not just periodically! The difficulty lies with us. We may not expect Jesus to be present or we may be too busy to notice his coming. Or we may not have the open eyes or heart to recognize him. Jesus often comes to us in a disguise. He will be there with us. Will we recognize him?

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