Saturday, October 22, 2016

Reflection: Luke 13:1-9

Saturday of the 29th Week in Ordinary Time - Luke 13:1-9

In today’s reading, Jesus then tells his listeners the parable of the fig tree that a man planted in his orchard.  When the man came to pick the fruit, there was none to be found.  The tree had not borne any fruit. The owner said to the gardener, “For three years I have waited patiently for this tree to bear fruit.  However, it has not produced any fruit at all.”  The owner then instructed the gardener to cut down the tree.  However, the gardener politely protested.  He said to the owner: “Sir, leave it for one more growing season.  I will work the ground and fertilize the tree.  Then if it does not bear fruit, I will cut it down.”

Today may be a good opportunity to ask ourselves: How am I bearing fruit?  Am I producing “tasty” fruit?  Or is my fruit small and tasteless?  Am I producing an abundant crop or a meager crop?  And what are the fruits that I share with the people in my life and with the world?
We may consider “our fruits” small or insignificant.  However, often a simple act of kindness may be a loving gift to the individual who receives your kindness.  Today, trust that you will bear fruit.  And be thankful for the “fruits” other people share with you!

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