Thursday, May 12, 2016

Reflection: John 17:20-26

Thursday of the Seventh Week of Easter - John 17:20-26

In today’s passage, Jesus continued his prayer for his disciples.  Clearly he was concerned about them and their welfare. Jesus had experienced the tension and conflict that arose among his disciples at times.  He knew that the path ahead of them would be painful and difficult.  He also realized that if they were divided or at odds with one another, they would not be able to carry out His mission.

Jesus prayed not only for his disciples but he also prayed for all who would believe in him, no matter what century or nation the believers would live in.  Jesus longs for you and me to be one with him and with God, just as he longed for his disciples to experience this loving unity.

Can you remember a time in your life when you had a deep and loving sense of Jesus being present with you?  Take a moment and remember that time.  What emotions did you experience: awe, joy, confusion, or perhaps elation?

These moments of intimacy with Jesus are gift and grace.  We cannot manufacture these experiences.  However, we can open ourselves to them and we can ask to be graced with such love and peace.  Today may we be open and attentive to the ways Jesus may come to us.  At times Jesus comes in the most unexpected people or small happenings.  Stay alert and be watchful!

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