Monday, May 9, 2016

Reflection: John 16:29-33

Monday of the Seventh Week of Easter - John 16:29-33

In the Gospel reading for today, Jesus continues to prepare the disciples for His departure from them and from this world. The disciples believe that they completely understand what Jesus is talking about. Jesus asks them: “Do you truly believe?”
Jesus then predicts that the time will come when they will be so afraid that they will scatter and desert him. Despite their protests, Jesus knows that ultimately he will end up alone. His disciples do not have a clue about what will happen. They truly believe that they will never desert Jesus. Yet, when the time comes and the threat is dire, most of them scatter.
Jesus knows his disciples well.  He knows and believes that they truly do love him.  Jesus has no doubt about that.  However, he also understands that they are human and when the threat becomes serious and possibly lethal, they will flee.  The gift for Jesus is that despite all that will happen, Jesus is at peace.  Jesus has the Father and Jesus deeply trusts and knows that His Father will never leave him.
Do we believe that God our Father/Mother will never leave us?  In the midst of turmoil, do we have some peace and assurance that we will come through this situation, believing that God is with us?  If we are able to trust in God’s presence with us, this belief will strengthen us and thus enable us to know and understand that we are never alone.
Jesus wants us to have peace. Peace is a small, six-letter word, but the gift of peace is indescribable and invaluable.  If we truly desire peace, Jesus will gift us with this special grace.  Will we ask for this gift?

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