Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Reflection: John 17:11b-19

Wednesday of the Seventh Week of Easter - John 17:11b-19

In today’s loving and tender passage from John, Jesus prayed for all the people (including us) whom God has entrusted to his care.  Jesus realized that his time on earth was short and He was concerned about the people he would be leaving behind.  Jesus prayed and asked his Father to protect these individuals “in his name.”  Jesus longed for his flock to be kept safe when he was no longer with them. 

Clearly, Jesus loved his disciples.  He longed for them to share his joy fully and completely.  Jesus knew that he would be leaving them and he wanted them to be safe and secure in God’s love and care for them.  Jesus also longed for his disciples to share the depth of joy that He experienced in being One with God.

Take a moment and remember a time when you experienced a sense of closeness or oneness with God or Jesus.  Do you remember the time or place?  What were the emotions you experienced?  Joy?  Peace?  Love?  Awe?

Jesus longs to share his peace, his joy, and his truth with us today.  Are we open to receiving these gifts?  If so, I invite you to sit quietly in Jesus’ presence with an open mind, heart, and hands. . . and wait.  Jesus will come and gift you.  Be patient!

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