Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Reflection: Matthew 15:29-37

Wednesday of the First Week of Advent – Matthew 15:29-37

The opening scene of today’s Gospel is Jesus walking along the shore of the Sea of Galilee.  After a time, Jesus went up on the mountain and a multitude of people followed Him.  When Jesus sat down, the people came bringing to Him the sick, the lame and others with all sorts of illnesses and diseases.  When each of these individuals approached Jesus, He quietly healed them.  He didn’t make a “big to do” about it.  He simply had compassion for them.  

Naturally the crowds were astonished when they realized that the mute were talking, the blind were able to see and the lame were walking.  Can you imagine what a wondrous experience it must have been for the individuals who were healed?  They must have been amazed and awed at the great gift Jesus had given to them.  

Each one of us is in need of healing.  It may be a physical or emotional healing.  What is the healing you desire at this time in your life?  Have you asked Jesus to heal you?  How do you think you would respond if Jesus did heal you?  Would you be amazed?  Would you also glorify God?

In today’s world, it may not appear that many miracles are happening.  We know that it is rare for a person who has a serious disease or illness to be cured.  Yet if we look with eyes of faith, if we look deeply, we may see the miracles that happen every day.  They may be small miracles and yet what a gift they are.  We all are lame or ill in some way.  Today may we bring our request, our longing for healing to Jesus!  May we pray for eyes to “see” and hearts to trust Jesus! 

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  1. Amazing post! thank you so much for sharing an interesting story.