Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Reflection: Luke 2:36-40

Sixth Day in the Octave of Christmas: Luke 2:36-40

The Gospel for today is the story of Anna the prophetess.   Anna was an old woman –84 years old.   Anna was quite the character.  She lived in the temple and she worshiped night and day.  Truly Anna was a “woman of God."
She must have had a gift of foresight because she began to prophesy of the coming of the child that all the people were waiting for.  She also gave thanks for the child that would come and who would redeem all people.  The Gospel doesn’t say whether the people believed her or not.  Did they believe?  Or were they skeptical because they had heard this prophecy before and it the “child” never appeared?

Are we more like Anna, trusting and believing that this child would come and save all people?  Or do we discount any prophecy we hear?  We “have heard it all before” – and it has never happened!  Yet, Jesus does promise to come again. Yes, we say “we believe that Jesus will come at the end of time," however do we truly believe?  Are we prepared for Jesus’ coming?  Who knows?  Today may be the day!

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