Friday, December 25, 2015

Reflection: John 1:1-18

The Nativity of the Lord – John: 1:1-18

The Gospel for Christmas Day may surprise you!  This reading is not one of the familiar nativity narratives, but is the opening section of the John’s Gospel.  This Gospel begins with the statement: “In the beginning was the Word.”

John speaks of the “Word” being with God from the beginning of all time.  John tells the people that Jesus, the Word, always was and always will be.  He even goes into some detail about what the “Word” would do.  John tells his listeners that the “Word” would testify to the Light and that the “Word” would prophesy to his own people.  However, the people would neither believe nor accept Him.

Typically, Christmas is a busy time.  People are traveling, shopping, baking, writing Christmas cards, and decorating.  On this Christmas day, I invite you to stop for 10-15 minutes and ask yourself "Who is Jesus Christ to me?  Is Jesus “real” to me or is He simply a character in the Gospels?  Who do I want Jesus to be to me?

Jesus is here with us, however we have to open the doors of our hearts and minds to Him.  Jesus is waiting for you!  If you open our heart and mind to Him, He will be born in you today—and every day!  Could we ask for anything more wondrous?

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