Friday, January 8, 2010

The Warmth of Winter

It is Saturday afternoon as I sit here in the quiet, watching the snow and praising the awe and wonder of God's creation. The temperatures are bitterly cold outside and yet I feel a sense of eternal warmth these days as I sit in the arms of God and watch..... I watch as the sun comes and goes. I watch as the temperatures rise and fall. I watch as the snow falls, stops, and dances around. I sit and I watch.... God's creation is simply amazing! But, how can winter be warm, you say?

Well, a friend of mine reminded me on facebook today that as we walk out into the chill of the cold winter days, life becomes a "sacrament" as we enwrap ourselves in the arms of God! Thank you Macrina, for sharing that beautiful Wisdom with me! As we move into a new year, maywe all be blessed and surrounded by the arms of God and the fruits of prayer! Amen!

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  1. Hello Becky and all,
    Yes that warm Benedictine Hospitality that we all share can change cold hearts and cold weather into sacraments. Blessings from Macrina