Monday, January 18, 2010

Daily Blessings!

Life is full of unexpected gifts and surprises! Every day I discover something new about the art of being a good teacher. I observed two friends of mine today-one in her 8th grade Langauge Arts Class and another in her 5th grade Language Arts Class. Both were just phenomenal lessons to watch in action. In my 8th grade class, their teacher used "Vocabulary Cartoons" to enhance comprehension of vocabulary words with visuals and in my 5th grade class, they worked in their pods to create word searches with their key vocabulary words. The students just LOVED what they were doing! This is exactly why I love being a teacher! When I see the kids light up with joy and enthusiasm, I light up with joy and enthusiasm!

God is revealed in the most unexpected of places in our lives. The anticipation of each and every day is exciting because we never know what God has in store for us! We make a choice every day-to receive life with joy or to receive life with fear and anxiety of what might be. Today, I saw God in the faces of those students-their energy gives me life. Their joy and zeal for life and learning is God revealed in the ordinariness of a gray, cold, January day! Thank you, God!

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