Wednesday, January 14, 2009

National Vocation Awareness Week

Right now I sitting at Panera Bread writing this post. I am spending the week in Louisville, Kentucky, which is about an hour from Ferdinand. This is National Vocation Awareness Week and I am going to 8 different schools doing 10 vocation talks to students in grades 2-8. I have done 4 so far and have 4 more to go. I am in between talks right now so I found a place to get wireless to catch up on my email. This is a whole other world for me. There are people everywhere here on their laptops. Some are doing personal things, Check Spellingothers are college students, and others are having business meetings. We are an extreemly mobile world now - with our cell phones, laptops, blackberries, and wireless signals all over, we can be connected practically wherever we are. This can be seen as good or bad. I see it as both. For the times it is necessary it is a good thing; however when we are ALWAYS attached to others it is not so good. We need down time and time for ourselves and for God, too.

Please please pray for all the young people across the nation who will be hearing vocation talks this week. Also, pray for those religious who will be talking to them.

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