Monday, January 26, 2009

Pure Joy!

I decided I needed to take a quick break from my day and write about something that happened last night. During these long, cold winter evenings, it is not uncommon to find Sister Betty and I in Saint Gertrude playing on the Wii that was donated to us. We have been playing for some time and find the activity both good exercise and great fun. We especially like the sports. Each time we play, which is once or twice a week, we usually go through all the sports: bowling, golf, tennis, and baseball (we pass on the boxing!). Sometimes we also like to race the cows or go fishing.

Anyway, last night after many weeks of trying, Sister Betty reached the Pro level on the bowling. Oh how I wish I would have had a video camera! Her pure joy at finally attaining what she has been working so hard to achieve was contagious. I think maybe everyone in the monastery heard her! :)) Congratulations Sister Betty!

Are there any other Wii Pro bowlers out there?

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