Thursday, January 22, 2009

Keep It Down - You're Not Meeting My Expectations!

I walked into the computer lab today at Indiana University Southeast and found myself getting frustrated. I needed to do some work, but there were people around me talking. There was one person in particular who was very loud and announcing to everyone what she was having trouble with. Another guy who I thought was the lab technician was just as loud and came over to help her. I wanted to say, "Hey! I'm trying to concentrate and get some work done. Do you mind keeping the computer lab quiet?" Something the lab tech said later made me realize that he wasn't really the lab tech; he was the teacher. The reason the woman was announcing things she didn't know to the whole room was because she was one of the students. I had walked in on a class.

(Cue the music from Law and Order: dun, dun, dun)

I looked around. How was I supposed to know this? There was no sign that indicated the lab was being used for a classroom. I made my mistake known to the teacher.

I found the whole situation interesting. Without complete information, I was becoming irritated by a woman asking questions when in actuality she had every right to do so. Once I realized the situation, it all made sense.

It made me realize how easy it is to make judgments. When we judge too quickly, our judgments are based on incomplete information and only our own perception. Without all the information, our judgments are inaccurate. I wonder what those in the lab thought when I walked in on their class. No one said anything. Maybe they thought I knew they were in the middle of class and they were wondering what I was doing. Who knows?

The point is I didn't have all the information. When I wasn't getting what I expected - a quiet place to work and print off a few papers - I became frustrated.

I'm sure we have all been on the giving and receiving ends of inaccurate and negative judgments. It ain't pretty. Communication is so important. There are reasons why people behave the way they do. Do we seek understanding? Questions are always better than judgments. Can I put myself in someone else's shoes and see it from their perspective? Do I have a complete picture or have I taken a few facts and my expectations and made a judgment?

Dear God, please help me to be open and to seek understanding.

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  1. Sister Kim girl! I love it! Thank you for imparting your wonderful insight on just being, rather than doing all of the time. I am completely guilty of that, especially while in school.

    I am glad we will be able to have some fellowship on Thursday morning we will be 'being not doing' :D! AMEN!

    LYLAS haa (love you like a sister) thought it was appropriate :D

    peace and love,