Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Reflection: Mark 3:31-35

Tuesday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time - Mark 3:31-35

Today’s Gospel began as Mary and the brothers of Jesus arrived at the house where Jesus was staying.  When the people outside the house realized that Jesus’ family had arrived, they went to him and told him, “Your mother, your brothers and your sisters are here.  They are outside and they are asking for you.”
However, Jesus did not get up to greet his family.  Instead, he looked at each person and said, “Here are my mother and my brothers.  Any person who does the will of God is my sister, my brother, and my mother.” 

Who are the individuals you consider to be your sisters, brothers, or mother?  Are they only your blood relatives?  Or do you have a broader and more comprehensive family who is not related to you by blood?  Jesus wants us to consider every person on this earth as our brother, sister, mother and father.  Clearly Jesus’ understanding is that all human beings are related despite our religious beliefs, our skin color, or our ethnicity. 

Jesus desires that we love every person who is in our lives.  He also calls us to care for the people we may not know but who are in need.  Some individuals are easier to love than others.  However, the love that Jesus is describing goes beyond love and affection.  Jesus hopes that we will strive to care for and love each individual we encounter.  We may not like the individual.  However, hopefully we will choose to love that person.  That gift of love will be returned to us.

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