Thursday, January 7, 2016

Reflection: Luke 4:14-22a

Thursday after Epiphany – Luke 4:14-22a

Luke writes:  “Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit.”  Today Jesus returns His to hometown of Nazareth.  Since it is the Sabbath, Jesus immediately goes to the synagogue.  As He enters, He is handed the scroll of the prophet Isaiah.  Jesus opens the scroll and finds the passage that begins with the words:  “the Spirit of God is upon me.” 

Take a moment and sit with those words.  Do we believe that the “Spirit of God” is upon us?  Are we able to recognize the “Spirit of God?”  The gift and miracle is that God’s Spirit dwells within each one of us.  Do you, do I, believe this truth?  Do we trust that we are worthy to have the Spirit of God dwell within us? 

Just as Jesus was sent  to us by God, God also sends us to bring good tidings those who are in need, liberty to those who are bound,  and freedom for the oppressed.
Today we have a choice: to add to the darkness of our world or to be a ray of light to every person we encounter today.  What will I choose to do?  What will you choose to do?  May God give us the grace we need to be light bearers.

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