Sunday, January 17, 2016

Reflection: John 2:1-11

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time – John 2:1-11

Today’s Gospel is a very familiar one:  the wedding at Cana.  Mary, Jesus, and the disciples had been invited to wedding.  After a time, Mary noticed that the supply of wine was running out.  Mary went to Jesus and said to him, “They have no wine.”  Jesus replied to her comment in a harsh way.  He said, “Woman, how does this concern me?”  He then added, “My hour has not yet come.”

Mary went to the servers and told them, “Do whatever he tells you.”  There were six very large stone water jars.  They were used for Jewish ceremonial washings.  Each jar held 20-30 gallons of water.  Jesus told the waiters, “Fill the jars full of water.”  The waiters filled the jars to the brim.  Then Jesus told the waiters to draw some of the water out and take it to the headwaiter.  They did so.  When the headwaiter tasted the water that had become wine (not realizing that there had been only water in the jars), the headwaiter went to the bridegroom and praised him for serving the “good” wine so late in the day.  Typically, hosts would serve the “good wine” at the beginning of the celebration.  However, later in the day, many hosts would serve inferior wine since many of the guests had imbibed a great deal of wine.  Most likely the guests would not notice the difference in the quality of the wine. 
This sign was the beginning of many signs Jesus would perform during his ministry.  These signs revealed Jesus’ concern and care for the lowly.  The signs also clearly spoke of his power and glory.  Thus, the depth of the belief the disciples had in Jesus deepened. 

Have you ever received a sign that Jesus was with you?  Do you look for signs that Jesus is present to you?  It may be as simple as getting an unexpected phone call or an email from an old friend.  Perhaps it is having some alone time when you can relax, listen to music, read a novel, or take some quiet time with God.

The reality is that Jesus us always with us.  Most often, we are the ones who are not present to Jesus.  Today be attentive to signs you receive that may indicate that Jesus is with you.  If this happens, just relax and enjoy his presence.   

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