Saturday, January 16, 2016

Reflection: Mark 2:13-17

Saturday of the First Week of Ordinary Time – Mark 2:13-17

At the beginning of this Gospel reading, Jesus was walking along the shore of the sea.  Many people came to hear him teach.   As Jesus was walking along, he saw Levi sitting at his customs post.  Jesus simply said to Levi: “Come and follow me.”  Immediately, Levi left his post to follow Jesus.

Levi then invited Jesus to his home.  Jesus sat at table with Levi and his guests, many of whom were tax collectors and sinners.  The people around the table were a motley crew.  When the Pharisees and scribes saw that Jesus had the audacity to dine with sinners, they began to criticize Him.  When Jesus realized what they were saying about Him, He immediately responded to their criticism.  He bluntly tells them, “An individual who is healthy does not need to be healed.”  Jesus then adds, “I have come call sinners.”

Since all of us are sinners, today Jesus calls you and me.   Jesus knows that we need healing.  He does not expect us to be perfect.  Jesus simply wants to make us whole again.  Will we respond to Jesus’ call?  Will we follow Him more closely?  Jesus always gives us a choice: to answer His call or to walk away.  What will we choose today? 

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