Friday, February 13, 2015

Reflection: Mark 7:31-37

Fifth Week in Ordinary Time – Mark 7:31-37

Today is another “healing” Gospel. The focus for today is a man who was deaf. Not only was he deaf, he also had a speech impediment. It was almost impossible for the man to communicate with anyone.

Notice: the man himself did not approach Jesus. It was the man’s friends who brought him to Jesus and they begged Jesus to heal the man. Jesus does not immediately heal the man. Rather, He takes him away from the crowd. Perhaps Jesus realizes that the man does not want a “show.” And most likely, Jesus did not want to be a “showman.” Jesus was a man of love and compassion. He simply desired to make the man “whole” once again. And Jesus did so!

What is our impediment? What is it in our lives that we wish to have healed? What do we believe would make us “whole” again? Do we have the courage and the trust to bring our desire and longing to Jesus today? Do we believe that Jesus is healing us (even if we don’t experience it)? Will we trust in Jesus today?

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