Saturday, February 7, 2015

Reflection: Mark 6:30-34

Fourth Week in Ordinary Time – Mark 6:30-34

Today the disciples gathered around Jesus and reported on the preaching and teaching they had been about in the past days. They all were excited and pleased. However, they also were tired and hungry and they had been surrounded by people for days. Jesus suggested that they go away from the crowds of people for awhile.

They all got into a boat and Jesus took them off to a deserted place. Here they would have peace, quiet and rest. It also would give them time to talk with Jesus about their experience.

However, the people saw them leaving and they hurried after them to the place where Jesus was going.

Jesus and his disciples must have been dismayed when they saw the people waiting for Jesus. However, Mark writes that Jesus was filled with pity and concern for the people. Jesus recognized that the people were “sheep without a shepherd.” They were hungry and yearned to hear Jesus teach and preach. They need the spiritual “food” that only Jesus had to give them. And Jesus recognized their deep need and yearning. He recognized that they truly were “sheep” without anyone to care for them. So Jesus sat down and began teaching them.

At times, we also are like “sheep without a shepherd.” At these times, it may be helpful to ask ourselves: what am I hungry for? What am I yearning for? Do we recognize this hunger and thirst in others? Or do we stay focused primarily on ourselves?

We are called to be like Jesus! We are called to nurture the people in our lives, especially the lost, forgotten or hidden. For a moment stop and ask yourself: who would appreciate your time for just 5-10 minutes today? It doesn’t have to be intense conversation. It often is a great gift simply to truly notice another. Who knows: someone else may notice you or I today!

What a simple and yet wonderful gift to give! However, will we do it?

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