Thursday, February 12, 2015

Reflection: Mark 7:24-30

Fifth Week in Ordinary Time – Mark 7:24-30

This Gospel reading begins as Jesus tries to escape the crowds of people. Jesus was tired and He needed time to rest and pray. He hoped to find a place where both He and his disciples could be alone and rest.

However, a woman whose daughter had an “unclean” spirit, heard that Jesus was in Tyre and she quietly entered the house where He was staying. The woman was Greek and in that day, all Greeks were considered “dogs” by Jewish society. This woman was viewed as one of the “least” in their eyes and as such, she should have kept her distance from Jesus. But the woman was desperate and yet hopeful.

When she approaches Jesus, He asks the woman why she is there. Jesus realizes that it is highly unusual for a Greek woman to approach Him. Despite this, the woman speaks directly to Jesus. She tells Him that even the “dogs” are permitted to eat the scraps that fall from the master’s table. And she will be more than content with the “scrap” that Jesus might give her. The “scrap” that she is hoping for is restored health for her daughter.

Jesus is astounded at the woman’s faith and courage and He immediately tells her that the demon has left her daughter. And when the woman arrived home, her daughter was well!

What is the “demon” in our lives that we are asking Jesus to cast out today? I invite you to spend some time today pondering that question! What will you ask Jesus for today? Jesus is waiting for you!

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