Sunday, February 8, 2015

Reflection: Mark 1:29-39

Fifth Week in Ordinary Time – Mark 1:29-39

Today’s Gospel is a “healing” Gospel. This reading begins as Jesus enters the house of Simon and Andrew. As soon as they arrived, the family informed them that Simon’s mother-in-law was seriously ill. She had an extremely high fever.

Jesus immediately went to the woman, took her hand and helped her get up. Jesus did not say anything or do anything extraordinary. However, when Jesus touched her, the fever left the woman. She immediately got up and began to serve Jesus and his disciples. What a caring and sensitive man Jesus was. He was concerned about the woman but Jesus quietly healed her. There was no “show.” Jesus did not need nor want attention or praise for what He had done.

As word of this healing spread, many people came to Jesus. They brought their friends and family members who were ill or possessed by unclean spirits. It seemed that the whole town had gathered at Simon and Andrew’s house. Jesus attended to those in need. However very early the next morning, Jesus got up and went off by himself to pray. He must have needed some time to be alone and pray.

Later in the day, Simon and some of the other disciples came looking for Jesus. They told Him that everyone continued to look for Him. However, Jesus had other plans. He knew it was time for them to move on. So Jesus and his disciples left and traveled onto the neighboring villages. In these towns, Jesus continued to preach, cure and drive out demons.

If Jesus came to our town, would we seek Him out? What would we ask Jesus for? Would we ask Him to heal us? If so, what is the healing you would you ask Jesus for? What are the “demons” you would ask Jesus to drive out? Do we, will we, ask Jesus for the healing we need and desire? Jesus is waiting for us! And Jesus will grace us!

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