Sunday, February 1, 2015

Reflection: Mark 1:21-28

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Mark 1:21-28

The Gospel for today begins with Jesus teaching in Capernaum. On Sabbath, Jesus went to the synagogue and began to teach. As the people listened to Jesus, they were astonished as Jesus taught with such authority, unlike the scribes.

While Jesus was in the synagogue, there was a man there who had an unclean spirit. When the man saw Jesus, he man cried out to Him. He wanted to know if Jesus had come to destroy his unclean spirit. Then the man recognized Jesus for who He was: the Holy One of God! Jesus then quietly, yet firmly rebuked the spirit. Immediately the unclean spirit came out of the man.

Everyone who was present was amazed at what Jesus had done. They realized that Jesus was very different from the teachers they were accustomed to listening to. The message of Jesus came from the depths of His heart but Jesus also had an innate authority that mesmerized them. Jesus also had a power, authority and presence that the Pharisees simply did not have.

Word of Jesus, His teaching and His healing spread throughout the region of Galilee. People traveled from far distances to hear Jesus preach. They wanted to experience Him for themselves. Perhaps they also hoped they too might be healed!

Do we find Jesus and his message mesmerizing? Or is His message too familiar to us? Does the Word of Jesus simply “wash over” us? Or do we listen attentively and take His Word deep into our hearts and minds? Today may we consciously and deliberately attend to Jesus and His message! Today may we have open minds and listening hearts!

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