Sunday, September 28, 2014

Reflection: Matthew 21:28-32

Sunday of the 27th Week in Ordinary Time- Matthew 21:28-32

Today’s Gospel is very familiar to us. It is the parable of the man who had two sons. The father told his first son to do the work that was needed in the vineyard. The first son absolutely refused to do as his father requested. I can easily imagine the father’s reaction. I am sure he was not pleased with this son’s refusal! Later, however, the son changed his mind and did go to work in the fields. What was it that caused him to change his mind? We simply don’t know.

The father then went to his younger son and asked him to work in the vineyard. The younger son told his father that he would go and work in the fields. However, the younger son did not follow through. After his father left him, he changed his mind and decided not to work in the vineyard. Who knows what he did instead! I wonder if he felt guilty for not doing what he said he would do?

I assume that we, too, have been in the position of both sons. At times we may feel that God is asking us to enter into a task or situation that we truly do not want to deal with. Initially we also may refuse or at least hesitate to say yes. Hopefully with time and grace we also may come to a place of acceptance and say yes to what God seems to be asking of us. It may take us some time to get to that place of acceptance but God promises to strengthen and grace us. May we pray for the grace to trust God in these moments! God will not disappoint!

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