Sunday, September 14, 2014

Reflection: John 3:13-17

Sunday of the 24th Week in Ordinary Time – John 3:13-17

Today’s Gospel begins with Jesus talking with Nicodemus. Jesus is giving Nicodemus a preview of what is to come in his life. Just as in the desert Moses lifted up a serpent, Jesus also will be lifted up so that we may have eternal life! Jesus is speaking of his passion and death that is to come. Jesus had a sense of what would come but Nicodemus and his disciples did not have any idea what he was talking about.

Do I have this depth of love for someone that I would freely give my life for them? To tell the truth, I don’t know! I hope I would have the grace to “give my all” but would I? I don’t know! Yet God loves us so completely that God sent Jesus to be with us, to teach us and ultimately to die for us so that we would be saved!

Today may we pray for grace and the depth of love to be loving with our loved ones and our friends, to be kind and gentle with the people we struggle with and may we strive to be the face of Jesus to the people we meet today!

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