Monday, September 22, 2014

Reflection: Luke 8:16-18

Monday of the 25th Week in Ordinary Time – Luke 8:16-18

Today’s Gospel is very short. It is just a few verses. In this Gospel, Jesus is instructing his disciples that the purpose of the light is to illuminate the room that it is placed in. Thus the lamp should be well placed so that the entire space is illuminated.

Then Jesus shifts his direction. He says that nothing will be hidden and everything will be visible. As he continues he says that all will be revealed: all secrets will be revealed and become known by others. Those words are intimidating to me! Personally I don’t want my life laid out for everyone to see! Would you? Most of my life is pretty normal. However, I still would not want everything about me revealed! If others did know everything about me, they might judge me or think of me differently!

I don’t think Jesus expects us to take these words literally. Perhaps these words are an invitation to us. He may simply be inviting us to pause and ask ourselves: Is there some area in my life that I truly would like to change? Is there something I want to stop doing? This week may we take the time to ponder Jesus’s words and ask: what is Jesus inviting you (and me) to do?

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