Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Reflection: Luke 4:31-37

Tuesday of the 22nd Week in Ordinary Time – Luke 4:31-37 

The Gospel reading for today is the story of Jesus healing the “man with the unclean spirit.” The reading is somewhat fantastic! The demon seemed to have complete control of the possessed man. However, the demon immediately recognized the goodness and the power of Jesus! In response, the demon was fearful of Jesus and what Jesus might do. However, Jesus simply and quietly ordered the demon to come out of the man. The demon obeyed and the man was healed!

Each one of us has our own “unclean spirits.” I doubt that they are “demons” like the one in this story. However, our “demons” often control us much more than we would like! What are your “unclean spirits,” your “demons?” I assume all of us want to be healed. Do we trust that Jesus hears our plea? Do we believe that Jesus can and will heal us? Our healing may not be an immediate “miracle” as the man’s was. Rather our healing may be a gradual healing as we continue to bring our request to Jesus. May we pray for the grace to put our trust in Jesus and believe that Jesus will answer our prayer!

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