Sunday, August 10, 2014

Reflection: Matthew 14:22-33

Matthew 14:22-33 (20th week of Ordinary Time)

Today’s reading from the Gospel of Matthew is the story of the apostles being tossed about by a violent storm at sea.  The wind was so fierce that the apostles were terrified that their boat would sink and they might even die! When Jesus walked on the water toward them, it seems that they would have been reassured. Instead they became even more afraid.

Even when Jesus spoke to them and reassured them that it truly was him, they still did not believe!  Peter replies, “If it really is you, Jesus, let me come to you.” Peter needed proof that this “apparition” truly was Jesus.  Jesus heeded Peter’s request by simply replying, “Come.” 

We all have some doubts inside us like Peter did. We often ask for “proof” of Jesus’ presence, Jesus’ call. In turbulent or painful times is Jesus also asking us to trust?  Are we willing to take the risk, step out and make that “trust walk,” believing that Jesus will enable us to get through our difficult times?  Let us pray for the grace to trust that Jesus is always with us — especially when we need him the most! 

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