Monday, August 11, 2014

Reflection: Ezekiel 1, 2-5, 24-28c


Ezekiel 1, 2-5, 24-28c (20th week of Ordinary Time)

In this reading, Ezekiel experiences “the hand of God coming upon him.”  What a powerful and perhaps frightening experience this must have been!  Given the fire, wind and four creatures that had wings, this reading could be the setting for one of today’s adventure movies.  In the midst of this, Ezekiel heard what he interpreted as the voice of God speaking to him!  Did Ezekiel wonder if it was his time to die?  Were horrible things about to happen to him?  Then Ezekiel is given a vision of what looked like a throne with a figure seated on the throne.  He must have thought he was losing his mind.  Could this possibly be real? 

Most of us do not have visions or apparitions.  If we did, we might wonder if we were going crazy.  However, there are times when we do not recognize “God is with us.”  God may seem absent or distant. At these times, we need to look intently for the signs (perhaps subtle ones) that God IS with us!  Let us pray for the trust to believe that God is always with us, especially during the confusing and bewildering times!

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