Friday, August 15, 2014

Reflection: Feast of the Assumption: Luke 1:39-56

Feast of the Assumption: Luke 1:39-56

Today’s Gospel is a familiar one. It is the story of Mary going to visit her cousin, Elizabeth.  Perhaps Mary had just realized that she was pregnant.   Can you imagine finding yourself pregnant when you hadn’t even “been” with a man?  What must have gone through Mary’s mind?  How could this have happened?
Mary needed someone she could talk with about this news.  She needed someone she could trust! Someone who might believe her and trust that her story was true!  She needed to talk with another woman who also had gotten pregnant in unusual circumstances.  I would also guess that Mary must have been concerned that Elizabeth would not believe her story.   It was too fantastic! Too unbelievable!

Most likely we will never be in this situation.  However, we all have times when we need to talk with another about a “wondrous but frightening” happening in our lives.  We can and need to talk with God!  However, most often we also need to confide in someone “with skin”--- another person who will listen with an open heart and not judge us!  We all need someone to be on the journey with us.  We need someone who knows what truly is going on in our lives and in our hearts.  Who is this person in your life?   Pray for the grace to share your heart with someone you trust!

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