Thursday, December 6, 2012

Advent Calendar - December 6, 2012

Isaiah 26:1-6; Matt 7:21, 24-27

Reflection by Sister Doris Market
Monastery Services, Bakery

During Advent we are waiting for the LIGHT to come. We are reminded of this as the days get shorter and the number of days with grey skies increases. Christ is our light, and as disciples of Christ, we are to take the word of Christ and the light of Christ out to the world. We do this by nourishing our own faith, listening to God calling us and doing God's will in our corner of the world.

God lets us know in today’s readings that by listening to the Word of God and living it out in our life, day by day, we are the wise ones who are building our faith, our life, on Christ, our rock. Thus we are letting Christ's light shine as a beacon to those we meet who are searching for the LIGHT, the WAY.

In the scriptures we are given many rich kernels of nourishment for our spiritual lives. By repeating these images and words frequently during the day, we are "growing" our faith — a strong faith that is a sturdy brick and mortar house that holds up during the storms of our life.

Two such kernels of affirmations in today’s readings are from Isaiah 26:4, "Trust in God forever for God is the everlasting ROCK," and from Matthew 7:21, "The person who does the will of my Father will enter the kingdom of heaven."
  • What is God’s will in my life today? This hour? 
  • Do I truly trust that God is my ROCK, that I can depend on God for strength in whatever he is calling me to?

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