Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Advent Calendar - December 4, 2012

Isaiah 11:1-10; Luke 10:21-24

Reflection by Sister Kathryn Huber
Spirituality Ministry for the Sisters of St. Benedict

"Christianity isn’t a failure; it just hasn’t been tried yet.” - Attributed to G.K. Chesterton, 1874 – 1936, British writer

Today’s first reading from Isaiah 11 presents us with a promise and a hope of justice, of peace and harmony between antagonists: lamb and wolf, baby and cobra, child and adder. We know the passage as the Peaceable Kingdom.Jesus came to teach us how to be free, and how to live in peace and harmony. He was free to love without reserve, to love the poorest of the poor as well as the rich young man. His freedom to love knew no limits because his trust in God knew no limits. Jesus challenges us to participate in God’s Work – as He did.
Hildegard of Bingen, our newest Doctor of the Church, writes, “Humankind, full of creative possibilities is God’s work. Humankind alone is called to assist God. Humankind alone is called to co-create.” It is our responsibility to help create justice, peace, and harmony. Not necessarily to produce these virtues in the world at large, but to create them in spheres in which each of us lives: family, workplace, civic and religious communities. How does my presence bring justice, peace, and harmony? Jesus’ way of life is both simple and profound. It does not necessarily require unusual behaviors on our part, but it does call us to live the usual unusually well.

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