Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Advent Calendar - December 5, 2012

Isaiah 25:6-10a; Matthew 15:29-37

Reflection by Sister Sarah Cathleen Yungwirth
Learning Support Coordinator, St. Patrick Catholic School in Louisville, Kentucky

Both the first reading from Isaiah and the reading from Matthew’s Gospel speak of God abundantly providing for all that we need. Isaiah speaks of rich food, choice wines, and God wiping away every tear from our eyes. Then, in Matthew, a story is related of how, for three days, Jesus had been healing and helping many people experience God’s loving power in their lives. So, now, they were hungry and tired. Jesus said, “My heart is moved with pity for the crowd”. He recognized their humanness and met their needs by multiplying five loaves and two fish to feed the large group assembled in front of him. They were all satisfied and left with a physical, spiritual, and emotional fullness. There were even lots of leftovers! The joy and rejoicing in God’s abundant presence and love that followed must have been amazing!

Today, Jesus’ heart is still moved with pity for each of us individually and for the world. He longs to work in us and through us to be the grace that we so truly need. Then, all people can be satisfied and have fullness of life. We are each called to be the “loaves and fishes” that are shared so that all needs can be met abundantly. Questions this stirs in me include: How am I being called to be a healing and life-giving presence for others? How can I let go of my need to hold onto the things to which I cling, such as my time, schedule, or need to have projects go my way? Each of us is called to share our individual abundance with others. Then, there truly will be much joy as we live the kingdom of God here on earth.

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