Friday, April 24, 2009


One teacher at our school has the tradition of a countdown to the end of the year: for the 30 school days before summer break starts, she posts in the faculty lunchroom 30 fancily numbered signs, which we all then color and decorate one by one as the days slip away. Usually we draw the things we're looking forward to experiencing in the coming months away. Presently, we have fewer than 30 days left, and the signs have yet to appear. I think we must be having too much fun- the time is going so fast we didn't even realize the end was this near!

Summer for me this year? Three weeks of "vow camp" in South Dakota with other Benedictines preparing to make perpetual monastic profession, and a few weeks back at the monastery, probably working in the bakery, answering the phone at switchboard, giving tours, and covering other chores for sisters as they go on vacation or retreat. What's up for you?

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