Sunday, April 19, 2009

Awakening A Rebirth of Enthusiasm in Vocations

Wow! What a week! Since last Tuesday evening we have had 55 religious sisters and brothers here with us attending our workshop Awakening A Rebirth of Enthusiasm in Vocations. They came from all over the United States, India, Ireland, and Canada. They came looking for hope and ideas to reawaken a spirit of attracting new members to their communities and congregations. I think they found that for sure! They were all so enthused when they left... they were on fire to take what they found here back home. I pray that they will be able to light fires in their communities and hold that fire of hope to grow!

For us, it has been wonderful having them all here. Though we are the ones who "put on" the workshop, they also taught us much over the week. Their energy and enthusiasm lit a fire for us as well. Their shared wisdom and stories encourage us to continue the good work that God has called us to.

See our Home at the Dome web page for pictures from the workshop.

God's blessings to them all!

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