Monday, December 15, 2008

Seeing Double Christmas Joy

No, this is not a double exposure, they are our identical twin sister, sisters. Sister Mary Carmen (left) and Sister Mary Carmel (right) can be found all over the place here at the monasery. You may find them working in the flowerbeds all over the grounds, inside decorating for Christmas, outside decorating for Christmas, any number of places cleaning, or maybe in the Simply Divine bakery helping bake cookies. They seem to be anywhere and everywhere and it's not just because there are two of them. For being 83 years old, they seem to have a boundless amount of energy, though you will find them sitting down when there is a Notre Dame or Indianapolis Colts football game on - yet even then, they will probably have cross stitch in their hands stitching away as they watch the game.

Blessings on the rest of your Advent! May it be a graced time of holy darkness and radiant light. In the waiting may you find your Jesus!

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