Monday, December 8, 2008

Gathering Scattered December

This weekend I met with my spiritual director. I told her how my sense of discipline has flown out the window lately, and she responded with a grin, "'Scattered' is the name of the game in December." In a season where Advent calls us to get it together and be prepared for the coming of Christ, finishing a semester of teaching, preparing finals, and getting cards, gifts, music, and travel plans ready for Christmas seem to spiral everything outward. My desire for inward order is working against the laws of entropy, apparently.

Yesterday I attempted to gather the scattered forces together. I took some extra time for sleep, extra time for personal prayer, and extra time for doing some art. I exercised and ate properly. Usually people make resolutions for the new year in January. Our new liturgical year started two weeks ago, though, so I figure, why not recommit to resolutions now? I will make more time for prayer. I will remain faithful to exercising and eating healthily. I will make time for art. Monastic life is about balance and discipline in the little things.

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