Thursday, December 18, 2008

Are You Ready for the Ride?

With children, you have to be ready for anything! Sometime between our 9 am Christmas program and our 7 pm Christmas program, Santa lost his pants. Fortunately, he wasn't wearing them at the time. In the morning he had on the whole Santa outfit, but in the evening, he wore a red suit with blue pants. He still looked great and did a good job spreading Christmas cheer. They were later found in his backpack.

Today at Mass, the server I had just taught wasn't there and the cantor who had been practicing was also absent. In every ministry, it's good to always have a plan B and a C and a D . . . In teaching flexibility is the name of the game.

This all ties into Advent, don't you think - where what we are waiting for doesn't come as we expect. What we think will happen is turned upside down. Sounds like life in general. You never know what twists and turns are ahead. Here's praying that whatever comes our way, God may always be at the center.

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