Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Party

Though we may still be in the Advent season liturgically, many are beginning to look ahead and celebrate Christmas. My deanery* did just that last night. We had appetizers and desserts and enjoyed each others company. We told stories of Christmas' past and played a couple Christmas games.

Pictured are (from the left): Sisters Michelle Catherine (me), Mary Carmen, Martha Marie, Mary Agnes, Michelle W., Mary L., LaVerne, Mary Carmel, Mary Austin, and Rosa Lee.

*Deanery means small living group. We have 173 sisters in our community and 108 of us live here at Ferdinand. Though we pray and eat as a whole big group, for some celebrations and gathering in the evenings we do so in our smaller deaneries. We often visit other groups, too though. My deanery is 5 East and we are 10 sisters. The other deaneries not here at Ferdinand are called mission deaneries and they are generally located in towns and cities within a 3 hour radius of Ferdinand.

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